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At Helm & Ransome Construction, we undertake an extensive range of building and groundwork services in Doncaster and the surrounding areas. Consequently, we often carry out excavations. As trusted groundwork contractors and civil engineers, this includes foundation excavations for various domestic and commercial projects, from house extensions to roads, factories and machinery. It is vital to use the correct excavation methods for each job to ensure optimal structural strength and durability. Below, we explain some of the main factors we consider to determine the right approach.

Our domestic and commercial builders share over 40 years of experience in the industry, ensuring the highest quality results on every job. Over the years, we have come across clients who request a specific excavation technique, but we never go with preference over suitability. We are always happy to explain why we recommend a certain approach and talk through your options.

Reasons for Excavating

The reasons for excavating affect the way groundwork contractors approach the job. For example, trench excavations are common for buried drainage or utility installations. Road excavation typically involves stripping topsoil and using a cut-and-fill method.

Our team of commercial builders, contractors and engineers in Doncaster always assesses the project before starting work to determine which method will be best. This includes looking at the depth required; as civil engineers we complete deep excavations as well as shallower options, depending on their use.

Soil Type

Whether working on house extensions, civil works or commercial construction, Helm & Ransome conducts a survey of the site before carrying out excavations. The aim of the survey is to find out what type of subsoil is present because this will help us work out the most suitable method and equipment for excavating.

For example, deep excavations in areas with very soft soil will require the use of wall supports to prevent the sides of the excavation crumbling.

Project Size and Location

Do you need large-scale excavations for an extensive civil engineering or construction project? Or are you working on a small residential job in Doncaster? Does your site have access restrictions? These are questions that need asking in order to determine how our groundwork contractors and civil engineers will carry out excavations.

For bigger jobs and sites, our commercial builders can use large machinery which will maximise efficiency. However, more compact equipment is perfectly suitable for smaller projects, such as house extensions, because excavations are on a minor scale. Space is also often limited in a garden.

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